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Welcome to the official webpage for Dark Trace Studios’ online radio station. Skywave FM is a legal online radio station that produces everything including but not limited to talk shows, local artists, famous bands, event coverage and much more. With us having such a huge verity of music it can range anywhere from pop all the way to punk and everything in between. This radio station is ran by donations from the public and with those donations, we will be able to pay for our server, get more music and even upgrade our software when needed.

Skywave FM is the official radio station for Dark Trace Studios and it allows us to provide another form of entertainment to the world but most specifically to the Niagara Region in southern Ontario. Here we like to provide music that speaks to every individual, weather your Christian  or in the punk stages of your life, our music is something you will be able to connect with. Along with that we like to provide constant uplifting quotes and stuff to give everyone that little boost of confidence we need. So let’s start here as I wrap up this paragraph; remember to stay positive and keep that smile on your beautiful place. Remember without you the world wouldn’t be as blessed.


Brandon Williamson

My name is Brandon Williamson. I had an interest in media since I was 9 or 10 years old. my overall dream is to make my organization something.



My name is George Rowe, I am 57 yrs. old, I live in Welland Ont. I was Born in the city of Ingersoll Ont. When I was 5 my family and I moved to Dunnville Ont. There I lived for many years.

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Everything on the page is copyrighted to Dark Trace Studios, and we take full responsibility for what is produced. From every post to every picture, our staff members will be continuous monitoring this page! All videos, photos, text and articles on this website are that of Dark Trace Studios and to request the appropriate permissions, you are asked to email our copyright team at the email address below to get the permission to use anything. By showing up to events, you understand that Dark Trace Studios and other media organizations will be there to take photos and videos of the event. We will also be live streaming for the first little bit on our Facebook page to help encourage people to show up.

All photos and videos taken at this event will be uploaded to both our Facebook Fan Page and Youtube Channel. If for what ever reason you can’t or don’t want to be on video, simply decline requests to be interviewed and try to avoid the camera at all costs. If you somehow got on camera and you choose you don’t want to be, please email our management team at the email address below to request that we blur your face out.

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Program DIrector

My name is Brandon Williamson, and welcome to Skywave FM. I started this online radio station because since I was like 12, I have had experience in and around studio equipment starting off with audio and making my way to video. Although I love to do both, radio holds a huge spot in my heart.



Avenue Inn is an alternative-rock band rooted in southern Ontario. The band formed in 2012 and have been playing ever since. Besides playing venues across the region, Avenue Inn has also been very busy writing and recording for their debut EP set to be released in late 2016.

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