Upgrading From Analog to DMR 2-Way Radios


In the past couple of months, Dark Trace Media has been looking into upgrading from Analog 2-Way radios to Digital 2-Way radios. There's a lot that comes into play when making the choice to upgrade, such as… How can it benefit our company? Is it worth the money? What features are key to have? Today in this article we are going to discuss our final discussion to upgrade.

In the past few years, we've been using analog 2way UHF and VHF radios to help the organization run smoothly. They worked fantastically for the time we had them but there are a few issues when it comes to events and stuff when we couldn't really use them. For example, we are in Niagara Falls Ontario EVERY year to work and provide some coverage to the New Year's Eve concert. When the music starts to go, the analog microphones had no way of choosing which sound to transmit. This meaning, the audio was very unclear and unreliable; something you can't have at a venue. So we decided to look into more expensive DMR radios. Meaning Digital Mobile Radios.

The upgrade to digital this far has been a great change. There's tons of features that we have access to now to ensure the safety and privacy of things. First off, starting with more encryption. This simply means that our conversations have more then just one basic security code on an open frequency. Secondly audio clarity, meaning the devices have a way of sorting out background noise in the transmissions. The last big selling feature for us is the text messaging option; although like older style flip phones, we can now send messages to all of our staff when something goes wrong or when a VIP arrives and keep it on the down low.

Continuing on with more selling features of DMR that will benefit our organization, is a function called remote/stun/kill. This will allow us to disable radios when they are lost orbit they have been stolen to prevent anyone from transmitting or listening to transmission on the radio. On top of that it also disables the whole radio so that it's been rendered pretty much useless. The good part about this is, we can disable and re-enable a radio at any time via another administrator radio. With that, another feature becomes helpful as well; that is GPS tracking, I'm sure you all know what good that is for.

Lastly is what have we chosen to do? We are going to upgrading our whole fleet of 2-way radios to DMR to help provide security and safety to things that are said and to the locations given over the radio. We are expecting by 2018 to have all these new radios in and programmed.