Wellington St Apartment Residents are Annoyed!


How would you feel living in an apartment building that constantly has alarms going off, police always there, EMS always in and out? Well, after a second alarm activation in less than 24 hours, residents of the Wellington St Apartments located at 125 Wellington St North in Hamilton met with us to discuss their concerns.

For the most part the residents of the building are very happen with their units, but they are tired of the uproar. “There always seems to be something going on” said on lady who just moved in. She went on to mention that if it’s not the Hamilton police service that it’s EMS or the fire department around the building. We asked her what she thought about the two fire alarm activations she experienced in less than 24 hours and she mentioned that the first one was way to late at night and she wasn’t around for the second one.

Another resident stated that he was annoyed of the police, fire and EMS as well but he is very grateful for all the work that they do. He said he is also very thankful for the building’s security team who has to put up with a lot. He said “Without the security team around, this place would be an absolute disaster.” Just like the previous women, we asked this guy what he thought about the two alarms in less then 24 hours where he stated “The first one was fine for me because I am a night owl, but I do understand how some people were upset by it.”

He then carried on to say “The second alarm was right as a lot of kids were coming home from school, so the families, were outside on the sidewalk with young children that couldn’t get in the building.” He mentioned that it’s a bit of a bummer, but he’s happy it was a false alarm and no one had to evacuate for very long and most of all no one got hurt. Along with that, he made it very clear to myself that there’s one group of units who cause most of the problems but for the most part, all the other people are great.

Upon myself leaving the scene after grabbing a photograph of Hamilton’s R1 on scene at the address, I heard someone thank the firefighter and even apologized for wasting his time. As mentioned, I was just leaving the scene so I didn’t get a chance to meet with that male to find out if it was his apartment or not. So it seems that no only the neighbors but the residents are a little annoyed as well.