UPDATE: Elementary School Student Jumped in Washroom


A disgusting video is making its rounds on social media from inside a Pelham elementary school washroom. The video was taped by one boy who was in the washroom and shows other boys fighting in the washroom.

The mother of one of the grade seven boys of Glynn A Green Elementary School talked with one of our reporters today to discuss the situation and explain in more detail. She also provided a copy of the two videos that were taken in the washroom via our FTP server. The mother says that she was made aware of the incident after her oldest son became aware of the video through his friends.

The brother than had a sit down with the younger sibling and he opened up about the entire incident and what happened. There was a total of 14 boys involved in the incident and only seven of them were suspended. The mother made the video public on her Facebook page saying that her son was “jumped” and that he was lured in to the boy’s washroom by his “so called friends”. She then goes on to say that her son was suspended for three days following this incident even though he was a victim.

The mother said that that some of the boys in the video were suspended but she says the principal decided that it was her son who initiated the whole thing. The mother went on to say that it didn’t make any sense and that her son also received a text message saying that not only would he jumped again, but next time he would be stabbed. Sadly, this threat was made over Snapchat and has disappeared from existence. We asked if they were all boys from his class to which she mentioned that some boys were and others were from a Gr. 8 class.

The fight allegedly started over two of the attackers telling other kids that the victim wanted to fight them. Upon confrontation from the victim, telling them to stop making these allegations, the attackers set up a plan to attack the victim in the washroom and planned it with his “so called friends”.


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