Sherman Avenue Structure Fire


At around 4:00am this morning, Hamilton fire department were called to a structure fire located at 86 Sherman Ave South. Upon arrival, the house was fully involved and Hamilton fire requested more units to respond. Dark Trace Media was hesitant on sending out our reporters as the temperatures have been frigid cold the past couple of days. Upon further discussion with the team and checking the temps, I have decided that I personally was going to attend the fire for photos and videos.

Upon my arrival to the location, Hamilton fire had to pull out due to structure damage. It became to dangerous for them to fight the fire from the inside so they continued with an external approach. While on location, we were able to speak with multiple neighbors who were woken up by the Hamilton Police department saying that they might want to consider evacuating their house. Upon talking further with them, they stated that the house consisted of multiple apartments. When I asked if they believed there was someone home, they said “No” because they didn’t see the car in the driveway.

Upon further conversation, I learned that although there were multiple units in the house, they believed that there was only one occupied and that it was up on the second floor; which is where the flames were coming from. It was later confirmed by Hamilton Fire, EMS and Hamilton Police that there was no one home at the time of the blaze. As of right now, there’s about $750,000 in damage and the fire marshal has been notified due to the extent. There’s no word on what caused the fire to start at this time. As more develops in this story, we will keep you updated.

For now, check out the video and photos taken while on location by myself below: