Hamilton Fitness Gym Robberies


An 18-year-old male has been arrested in relation to thefts that happened at a Good Life Fitness. Police are investigating other incidents for connections and are asking anyone who may be a victim of a similar occurrence to report the incident as well.

On April 16th 2019, just short of 16:00, Hamilton Police Service (HPS) responded to 1070 Stone Church Road East at the Good Life Fitness Gym for reports of theft. The staff at the business reports that they were approached by member who had advised them that their lockers had been Broken into and that items were taken. Throughout the investigation, Hamilton Police Service (HPS) learned that a witness entered the locker room and observed the suspect trying to enter lockers. He was stopped and held until Hamilton Police could arrive. Police have arrested the suspect and during a search they found that he was in possession of stolen identification not related to this current incident. Police were able to return all the items back to their owners at the gym during this incident.

The male was taken into police custody and is pending a bail hearing at the John Sopinka Courthouse today. The identity of the male has not been released at this time, but we do know that he is 18-years-old. He was charged with two count of possession of a stolen credit card. The Hamilton Police Service (HPS) are currently investigation other incidents and are looking for similarities. One of the other incidents they are investigating took place at the YMCA located at 356 Rymal Road East. Police say further charges may be laid at a later time.