Hamilton Parolee Caught Stunt Driving


Police stopped and arrested a 25-year-old male from Hamilton after he was observed travelling at high rates of speed. Further investigation revealed that the male is a parolee. At this time the man’s name has not been released to the public.

On April 28, 2019, just short of 11:30, Hamilton Police Service (HPS) observed a Ford Ranger pick-up truck travelling at a high rate of speed. Police tell us that when the vehicle was observed, the officer was conducting speed enforcement on Dartnall Road near Rymal Road East. As the vehicle continued southbound on Dartnall, police determined that the speed was 114 KM/H in a posted 50 KM/H zone. A traffic stop was initiated where the driver identified himself with valid documentation. He was subsequently arrested for stunt driving and speeding.

Through the investigation, police did a background check on the 25-year-old Hamilton male and it revealed that he was a parolee. The appropriate agency was notified by police and the driver was released in accordance with the regulations. The 25-year-old driver is currently facing one charge of driving a motor vehicle to perform a stunt and another charge for speeding; going 114 KM/H in a posted 50 KM/H zone.